OPENING:  6PM Thursday 15 February
ARTIST TALK: 2PM Saturday 10 March
EXHIBITION DATES:  17 February - 10 March 2018
To be opened by Alison Alder, Head Printmedia and Drawing, ANU School of Art

Tony Ameneiro is a Mittagong based artist-printmaker who has a career in the arts spanning over 30 years. Head over Head exhibition is based around a research drawing project he carried out at the JT Wilson and Shellshear Museums at Sydney University, both of which are teaching museums within the Medical Faculty. Images of the deceased are combined with images from the life drawing studio as the exhibition explores issues around mortality and regeneration. Ameneiro visually interrogates existential quandaries regarding humanity in an attempt to reconcile universal questions and provide a window on our humanity.

The artist depicts a hopeful regenerative cycle in a respectful depiction of life and death entwined, and organically advancing. He acknowledges the generosity of the donors in leaving their bodies to the medical faculty allowing the next generation of physicians the opportunity to learn the skills required to save a new generation of lives.