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James Lieutenant + Kate Vassallo - Old Eagle

Detail II - Actual Old Eagle installation.jpg

OLD EAGLE                                                                                     

19 October - 11 November 2017

EXHIBITION OPENING: 6pm Thursday 19 October 2017
ARTIST TALK: 2pm Saturday 11 November 2017

Vassallo + Lieutenant have worked collaboratively together since 2013 while sustaining their own individual art practices. At the heart of their collaboration, and this exhibition, is an interrogation of art making itself. Vassallo and Lieutenant highlight the act of making, labour, rules, hierarchies and the restrictions of the art world, including the act of collaboration. Over the last 7 years, James Lieutenant has been individually experimenting, constructing and perfecting a his unique screen-print process. Using layering to build up a foggy haze of colour, each screen-print is a heavily laboured object. The surface of his artworks becomes crucial to their reading. The materiality is often unclear, his paintings look like screen-prints and his screen-prints look like paintings.

Kate Vassallo’s individual artworks explore themes of optics, repetition, scientific/mathematical imagery and artistic process. Whether working with photography, drawing, video or installation, her practice always returns to process-orientated repetition. Old Eagle marks the first time Vassallo has exhibited screen-printed artworks.

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