AUSTRALIA - David Nixon


AUSTRALIA - David Nixon


David Nixon

Untitled 2017
relief etching, 28 x 28 cm
Edition: 10/25
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‘Untitled’ presents an expressive exploration into the dialectical relationship between visual motion and stasis. A dynamic is pronounced, suffused with a concentrated intensity deriving from the mutual influence between emanation and containment. By gradually turning the plate in a circular direction whilst engraving its surface, the process of the work embodies the philosophical concept of ‘squaring the circle’, tacitly presenting an infinitude through finite means. As a symbolic means of expression, ‘Untitled’ connotes a qualitative inquiry into the enigmatic mechanics of manifestation; a seamlessly fluid, mutable but systematic and gradational concrescence incorporating an aggregate replication based upon resemblance. Consequently, ‘Untitled’ employs a contemplation that sustains a responsive improvisation by flexibly applying an approximate repetition to its calligraphic mark making. Personal, lyric motifs permeate a field, evoking a nebulous centrality: ‘Untitled’ encapsulates the concept of an essential substance veiled as variable appearance. As a corollary to this quintessence, a diaphanous shimmer rivets the eye, evidently suggesting that an art object can stimulate sentient experience. Visual motion apprehended can be understood as a quiet imprint deriving from an implacable power. The expressive attribute of ‘Untitled’ reinforces the metaphysical concept that art is an intrinsic affirmation of our being.