AUSTRALIA - Belinda Reid

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AUSTRALIA - Belinda Reid


Belinda Reid

20:01 03.09.2018 2018
photolithographic prints, cut and woven
Edition: 1/2

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Belinda Reid works with familiar landscapes; photographic images both found and taken, originally used to capture memory of place. Images are digitally fused together to represent the accumulation of such memories; an infinitesimal moment. The resulting image is then disassembled and reconstructed in layers, using the process of photographic lithography. This process allows the image to appear at a distance photographic, but any attempt to get closer to the work leaves the viewer with an increasingly abstracted image with deteriorating detail.

Belinda aims to disrupt the process of reproducibility, instead creating work that exists in an unrepeatable state. Her work is process driven aiming to produce images where the content and medium are inexorably linked, inextricable from each other. In recent work, she responds to the print’s ability to further alter memory of place by employing a shift in the print process - slicing images and then physically weaving them back together - mirroring the digital process. These processes are understood as representative of the accumulation and construction of memory; subsequent infinitesimal moments.