AUSTRALIA - Luisa Romeo

Luisa Romeo - Romeo_Luisa_'Mouth Kimono II'_Acrylic cut on Kozo paper.jpg
Luisa Romeo - Romeo_Luisa_'Mouth Kimono II'_Acrylic cut on Kozo paper.jpg

AUSTRALIA - Luisa Romeo


Luisa Romeo

Mouth Kimono II 2018
acrylic cut print on kozo
15 x 20 cm
Edition: 2/3
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On a recent three month artist residency in Northern Thailand, I made art and wrote at a frenetic pace. This particular work was drawn as I sat for six hours in meditation, drawing the intricacies of demi-god sculptures. These temple protectors appear in a variety of manifestations, with mouths open and bearing teeth as they stand defiant at the entrances to temples and holy places of worship.

These are the guardians of the image of Buddha and the Dhama (teachings, natural law and knowledge). The protectors returned with me and arrived in Hobart in the form of detailed drawings. During the last few months I have been developing a new body of work from these drawings and have been translating them through printmaking into larger scale pieces, using repetition and graphic qualities of the woodcut and linocut. Many years of plate making have taken it's toll and due to RSI, I have been implementing a laser cutting process on acrylic sheets to lessen the strain. Although it is a mechanical process, the plates are cut directly from hand drawn images preserving the integrity of the organic lines. I have experimented with the use of MDF boards with the laser cutter but the plate show signs of wear and fills in in areas if the edition is large. Acrylic retains fine detail and has great potential.

'Mouth Kimono II' is comprised of 10 panels. Each panel is the same image mirrored to form a pattern. The series of kimono's are developing using details of the initial extensive ink drawings and will be developed into printed garments that can be worn, in the future.