CHINA - Qiaoyi Shi


CHINA - Qiaoyi Shi


Qiaoyi Shi

Soap Bubble 2018
screen print
15 x 20 cm
Edition: 16/18
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The latest series of prints that I have been working on are based on my childhood memories. I chose this topic because I believe that early memories closely represent a person before acquiring any values or moral beliefs and therefore, they depict human beings in their purest state. My characters share similar forms and generic features because as a kid, I did not see people as distinct. Each image represents a sudden moment of the past, which is described with mundane events, objects and places that are meaningful to me: the red phone with shiny buttons from my kindergarten; the freshly painted sandbox; the gap between two buildings where dragonflies used to nest; the crayons that fell out from their container; the wrappers of strawberry popsicles that would attract ants when left on the ground for too long etc.