Sydney based artist Pia Larsen has been working in the Megalo studios after the past few weeks.
Larsen is one of the 5 Australians to receive a Megalo Residency for 2019. Larsen’s work draws from an interest in people, place and language in projects that engage with history, culture and geo-politics. Her practice encompasses printmedia, text, metal and photography in images, sculpture and installation environments. We checked in with Pia during the week to ask a few questions about her work and residency with us.

Can you tell us a little about the project you are working on at Megalo?

The project explores the story of post WWII European migration of ‘Displaced People’ to Australia focusing on the life of M, a woman who worked for my parents and looked after me as a child, remaining my friend until her death in 2014. The work is informed by research into M’s life, applying the discourses of gender, rk and motherhood within a social, cultural and political context. This includes reinserting M’s European heritage as indivisible from her identity and life as a ‘New Australian’.

What have been the highlights of your Residency at Megalo so far?

The highlights have been; time in the studio to develop the ideas and print the work, the hospitality of Canberra locals and the wonderful cycling infrastructure that we can only dream of in Sydney!

Images above: Pia Larsen working in studio and iterations of work in progress ‘don’t tell’.


What do you love most about printmaking?
I’ve worked with printmedia for many years and have worked in every medium enjoying the qualities each offers. At the moment I’m enjoying combining photographic imagery, mark making with machine and hand tools and taking impressions that fragment the image to generate new forms for reflecting on subject matter and concepts.

Do you remember the first print you ever pulled? The first print was a screen print at primary school with my wonderful Art Teacher Angelika.

What is coming up for you next?
I’m writing an article for the next issue of Imprint, (PCA quarterly magazine) about the story of M and the work created during my residency at Megalo and over the past year. I’m also working towards exhibiting the work from the residency at Megalo as part of a larger body of work in a number of forums, yet to be confirmed.

Learn more about Pia Larsen’s practice HERE.

Above: Pia Larsen working in the Megalo studios.