Last week most of the Megalo team headed over to visit the fabulous crew at Photo Access. We took up an invitation to come and create some Tintypes and check out their set up + in exchange we invited their team over to our place to pull some screen prints. Big thanks to Robert for taking us through the whole process + helping us create some excellent tin-types. We worked our way through plate prep having a great time in the darkroom and then it was on to our photo shoots. After capturing our images we got into developing them back in the darkroom - printmakers appreciate a good reveal and you can't go past the reveal of a tintype emerging in developing solution - so satisfying! Keep an eye on the Photo Access class program or contact them for information - We'd highly recommended a Tintype workshop to anyone + everyone. It was a great challenge and loads of fun.


We're passionate about printmaking so we were of course delighted to see the Photo Access team throwing themselves into screen print without hesitation and they ended the day with some great prints.

There are so many great arts organisations in our region who are passionate about what they do. We love the finding synergies between us and learning more about what happens in all these other amazing spaces. Thanks so much to all the staff at Photo Access for making this such a gorgeous exchange of skills! - Such great neighbours - Come back for more anytime!