What a fantastic opening night we had for Surya Bajracharya's Passenger. Opened by Emeritus Professor Patsy Payne (ANU Printmedia + Drawing). Thanks to all who braved the chilly night to come along and see this wonderful body of work consisting of stunning monotypes and lithographs. There's plenty of time to catch this exhibition which runs through to Sat 28th July - don't miss it!


Surya Bajracharya’s Passenger comprises two individual bodies of work– a series of lithographs, and a series of monotypes – created in parallel and in response to the same subject. The lithographs depict snatches of scenery and features of the landscape; the monotypes are more elusive, all light and shade, push and pull, vastness and obscurity. The lithographs, with their exacting, intricate mark-making, seem to disintegrate a moment travelled in time while pulling it into myopic focus. The monotypes project – and elicit – an emotive response. Side by side in diptychs they resonate and reflect, form a rhythm and pulse. Two portraits, monotypes of the artist’s children, like pin-drops or anchors, are deeply personal markers of the artist in these visual documents of an otherwise unspecified journey. Bajracharya’s duplicity of approach presents what is seen in real terms, as well as what is felt and can be taken with us, to capture the feeling of being pulled along through life, aware that the path is beyond your control. Ultimately what we see is processed through the lens of individual experience and a reflection of inner lives – the metaphoric peaks and horizons, skeleton branches and billowing cloud of places real or imagined, familiar or unknown. - Yolande Norris, 2018