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Big Press Studio


The lithography studio has two presses, the Takach electric press (the largest in the southern hemisphere!) and the smaller red manual press as well as processing area and graining sink. There is a huge range of hard and soft stones for members to hire. The studio has one leather roller and a range of rubber rollers. It also has a range of plastic and leather scraper bars.


Traditionally a limestone is used as a porous surface to draw on using greasy and waxy crayons and inks. The stone is etched making the non-image areas receptive to water and the greasy areas receptive to ink. The dampened stone is inked up using a roller. Paper is then laid onto the surface of the stone and run through a press transferring the image to paper. Aluminium plates can also be used with a similar process.


The etching and relief studios have three intaglio/relief presses and one specialised relief press. The studio is also equipped with a separate acid, solvent and aquatint rooms. The press studio supports low-toxic acids for both zinc and copper (copper sulphate and ferric chloride). There is a wide range of tools and equipment for members use including large and small rubber rollers as well as etching and relief tools.


A type of intaglio printmaking. Lines and marks are acid etched into the surface of a copper or zinc plate to create grooves that hold ink for printing. Ink is pushed into the grooves using tarlatan (starched muslin) and then the surface of the plate is wiped clean with tissue paper. Dampened paper is laid onto the plate and run through a press at high pressure. The ink is transferred to the paper leaving a positive image.


We have three specialised processing rooms; the solvent room, aquatint room and acid room. These separate areas are fully ventilated, keeping our printing studio areas solvent free. Megalo is constantly working to improve its processes and reduce the use of solvents in its printing practices.

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